DMV: Leased Vehicles-Buy Out

Requirements to Register Your 
Lease Buy Out Vehicle


When purchasing your lease buy out vehicle it will be necessary to obtain the following documents and present them to your local DMV office to properly register the vehicle in your name.

  • Proceed to your local DMV Hub or Limited Service Office and submit the Certificate of Title showing assignment of ownership and indicating release of all liens (if any) and motor vehicle registration certificate.

  • A Bill of Sale from the leasing company indicating the sales tax on the buyout option was collected.

  • A Federal Odometer Statement properly completed by the leasing company.

  • Complete the Application for Registration and Title (form H-13B).

  • Provide your current Connecticut Insurance Identification Card, which can be obtained from your insurance company.  The insurance card must be in the name of registered owner(s) of vehicle.

  • Identification will be required to register a vehicle.  Please see list of Acceptable Forms of Identification.

The registration equity and plate may be transferred from the leasing company to you with a letter of authorization from the leasing company.

Note:  Vehicles cannot be registered if delinquent property tax or parking tickets are owed or if the registrant has had their registration privilege suspended.

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