DMV: Making Appointments Online at DMV for Road Tests Coming Soon

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For Immediate Release
October 4, 2017
Making Appointments Online at DMV
for Road Tests Coming Soon 
Change Also Expected to Help Improve
On-Hold Times for Other Phone Assistance
WETHERSFIELD - DMV Commissioner Michael R. Bzdyra said today that the agency will soon give customers the convenience of making road test appointments online. The change is expected to improve wait times for scheduling these required tests as well as improve on-hold times in the DMV Customer Service Phone Center.
Appointments for them are usually made by calling the DMV Customer Service Phone Center or while at the DMV to obtain a learnerís permit. By moving the appointment-making online, DMV wants to eliminate on-hold-times for those calling to schedule them as well as cut calls into the phone center that handles questions on various other DMV-related matters. Customers will be able to use a home computer or laptop, smartphone and tablet for making the road test appointments.
Road tests are required as part of the testing process to obtain a first-time driverís license. Someone initially, however, must obtain a learner's permit to practice driving.
ďWe are very eager to launch this online system as part of our continuing approach to make it easier for customers needing to do business with us,Ē said Commissioner Bzdyra.
The agency expects that the new online system will be working by mid-October. It will make a further announcement shortly on a specific date. Customers who already have appointments will be notified by DMV through email and moved into the new system. They also will be given instructions on how to change an appointment online if necessary.
In making the announcement now about the change over to the new system, DMV wants customers to have advance notice to plan for it. Road tests that are included with training at a driving school will not need an online appointment. Those are pre-scheduled.
In the last few years DMV has been bringing more of its services online to improve customer convenience and create efficiencies.
Among the popular online services at are:
  • Make a learner's permit test appointment
  • Renew registration
  • Check registration status
  • Check property tax and other issues
  • Cancel registration
  • Reprint registration
  • Pay emissions test late fee
  • Check license status
  • Pay suspension fee
  • Check DMV office wait times
  • Download DMV mobile app
  • Emissions Test Date Lookup

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