DMV: DMV Announces New Review to Cut Wait Times in Branch Offices

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July 14, 2016
DMV Announces New Review to 
Cut Wait Times in Branch Offices
“"Our goal, as I promised when I took office, is to
build a better and stronger DMV," 
 -- DMV Commissioner Michael Bzdyra
WETHERSFIELD - The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) is announcing today that it will undertake extensive review of its day-to-day operations with an overall goal to reduce customer wait times by cutting red tape and changing how DMV does business. The agency will look at many customer-facing aspects of its operations with the goal of improving customer service.
Services at DMV branch offices are the first scheduled for the intense examination. They include:
  • Passenger car registrations - Streamline process so that efficiencies lead to less time in line for customers.
  • Commercial vehicle registrations - Remove complexity so that customers can complete transactions faster. 
  • Boat registrations - Create a seamless approach that eliminates red tape and unnecessary steps to register boats more quickly. 
"Our goal, as I promised when I took office, is to build a better and stronger DMV that makes it easier for customers wanting to transact business with us. This is another step in that direction," said DMV Commissioner Michael Bzdyra. Work began this month and is expected to take approximately six months to complete.
The department has asked MorphoTrust, its vendor for licensing services, to examine internal workflows. The licensing vendor was chosen because of links between the licensing system and other DMV operations. MorphoTrust has been a strong partner in the delivery of licensing services both through the DMV and AAAs and MorphoTrust is important to DMV's future ability to create an improved and connected customer experience between licensing and registration.
"As the provider of driver's licensing systems and identity solutions to the majority of the United States, MorphoTrust is uniquely positioned to help our customers optimize their customer service strategy and experience. We are excited to work with the CT DMV on this project and enhance the customer experience," said Bob Eckel, CEO of MorphoTrust, USA.
The work essentially will involve looking at transactions from end-to-end, studying whether each step in a process is needed and how it affects the customer. The study will include pilot projects to test suggested changes and to prove they will work. The review will also incorporate input from employees performing the work, as well as customers’ feedback.
"It is also important to acknowledge to customers that DMV is working on resolving problems, like wait times, that they find inefficient," said Commissioner Bzdyra. "We recently polled nearly 1,300 people seeking services in many of our branches statewide. Not surprisingly, nearly 70 percent said that wait times were too long."
"That 70 percent is unacceptable. Customer sentiment is critical to our success.  DMV's focus now is on finding new and different ways to reduce wait times and improve our relationship with our customers," he said.
He also pointed out that employees will be critical to helping with the assessments. Employee participation can help reveal the trouble spots, provide an understanding of the reasons and produce solutions that can work on the front lines.
"We want to make these overall improvements so that we have a stronger focus on customer service,"  he added.
In May, DMV made major agency-wide organizational changes designed to pave the way for this next step in improving internal ways of doing business to better serve our customers. The reorganization included the creation of a Chief Operating Officer function, a new Project Management Office and an Agency Training and Management Reporting division.

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