DMV: Changes in Local Tax Clearances for Registrations

Changes in Local Tax Clearances for Registrations
As of November 16, 2015, the Department of Motor Vehicles no longer accept paper tax releases from town tax collectors. The new efficient process for towns is to electronically remove a local taxpayer who has paid their delinquent car taxes by either of the following methods:
1) An immediate clearance done in the town tax office when the local motor vehicle taxes are resolved;


2) An overnight batch clearance done at the end of each day by the town or city. The overnight clearance is posted overnight with the DMV.
DMV stopped taking paper clearances in its offices, and rely on the tax collectors removing a delinquency by electronic means.
This change makes getting a tax clearance easier and more efficient for customers. It is also designed to help customers avoid repeat trips to DMV. Customers can first check whether they owe taxes by going to Once they are cleared, they can renew online without needing to visit a DMV office or make one trip to DMV to register a new vehicle. 

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