DMV: DMV Warns About Approaching End of Extensions for Renewals


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September 15, 2015




DMV Holds Briefing Today on Computer Upgrade
and Approaching End of Extensions for Renewals

WETHERSFIELD --  The Department of Motor Vehicles is advising customers, as an October deadline approaches, to renew licenses, identification cards and registrations whose due dates were extended in August during a computer upgrade.

Although customers have until October 10, those delaying could pack offices at the last minute and cause longer waits.  Many can avoid going to the DMV by visiting AAA offices for license or ID renewals and going online at to renew registrations.

The two-month extensions were granted as a convenience to assist customers as the agency began a computer modernization upgrade. The extensions started Aug. 11 and run through Oct. 10, when the renewal must be completed.

“Customers need to get it done and now is the time for people to start doing them,” said DMV Commissioner Andres Ayala, Jr., adding, “We don’t want them waiting in line unnecessarily.”

“In only a few cases,” the Commissioner continued, “do they need to come to a DMV. Many can avoid our offices and I urge them to do so.” DMV’s computer upgrade Aug. 18 brought more online services to help people transact business from home computers, smartphones and tablets.

However, so far more than 17,000 transactions – 30 percent of all transactions - could possibly have been done online, but instead customers waited in a branch office.

The Commissioner also pointed out that people can check online now at DMV for tax delinquencies, reports on overdue emissions tests or failure to have state-required vehicle insurance. These often hold up registering a new vehicle or doing a renewal.

Tax delinquencies may no longer require a trip to DMV with the stamped clearance from the local tax collector. Towns and municipalities have been linked to DMV computer systems for real-time resolution in DMV computers. Once that is done, a customer can do the renewal from a home computer, smartphone or tablet.

In addition, emissions test stations also have a direct link to DMV. Once the test is passed and completed, a customer can renew a registration online. 

The new online services DMV offers are:


      Improved online registration renewal program. Anyone charged a late fee online for a renewal date from Aug. 11 to Oct. 10 will be reimbursed.

      Online checks for items, such as unpaid property taxes, lack of insurance, delinquent parking violations, which can hold up a registration renewal and cause repeat trips to DMV.

      Reprints of registration certificates from home or other computers.

      Registration cancelations online.

      Online ordering of special plates, such as vanity plates.

      Online ordering of replacements for damaged plates.

      Electronic notification by providing customers with an option for DMV to contact them either by mail or e-mail.

      Streamline efficiency of technology in the agency to with services in branch offices.


Since the upgrade was completed and offers integrated the changes, the following numbers of transactions occurred:





Total Transactions performed in Branches


Total Potential Web Transactions performed in Branch Locations


Total Transactions performed at Branch Locations could have been performed via the Web


Total Web - Dealer - Renewal


Total Web - Order Special Plate


Total Web - Registration Renewal


Total Web - Reprint Registration


Total Web - Terminate Registration




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