DMV: DMV Announces New Website Translation into 65 Languages

October 24, 2012

DMV Announces New Website Translation into 65 Languages
WETHERSFIELD - Department of Motor Vehicles today announced that it has started providing a translation of its more than 400 web pages into 65 different languages for greater customer convenience and understanding of DMV policies and state laws. The DMV site can be found at
The new offering ranges from the more common languages of Spanish, French and Vietnamese to the less-often-used Gujarati, Tamil and Catalan. The DMV website last year had more than 26 million page views of its information. Over 5.3 million visitors went to the site, including nearly one million from a mobile phone or tablet.
“We see this as a significant advantage for customers whose native language is other than English no matter from where around the world they moved or access our site,” said DMV Commissioner Melody A. Currey. “Software on the web has now made this service possible where 10 years ago it was impossible,” she said.
The agency is using Google Translate online service, which immediately converts the web pages into the language a customer chooses from a drop-down menu.
The service does not translate forms or other documents that are separate files to be downloaded from the site. DMV provides a disclaimer on the site that the translation may provide differences in some understandings of a language depending on dialect and translation. The agency gives a link to contact DMV for assistance in those instances.

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