DMV: Enfield DMV Office Re-Opens Amid Efforts to Improve Customers' Experience

For Immediate Release
February 7, 2012
Enfield DMV Office Re-Opens Amid Efforts
to Improve Customers' Experience
DMV Also Wants to Remind Customers That Offices Are Open Around the State
WETHERSFIELD -- The Department of Motor Vehicles today re-opened its Enfield office following extensive renovations as part of the agency's overall plan to improve buildings, use online technology more and cut bureaucratic red tape.
DMV, however, is still finding that many customers think some offices have been permanently shuttered. The agency wants to remind customers that offices are open around the state and they should consult the DMV website -- -- for convenient times and locations for services.
"Whether it is the offices we have available, the number of steps to get something done at DMV, greater use of technology for online transactions, or just simply making our buildings nicer to be in, we are working hard to make DMV more customer friendly," said DMV Commissioner Melody A. Currey.
Upgrading the Enfield office is one of several improvement projects underway now to make the DMV customer experience more friendly and inviting.
The Enfield office closed when the sudden October snow storm further damaged an already leaking roof. With the office closed and a roof repair needed, DMV decided to make other necessary top-to-bottom changes. The list included changes to fire-alarm system upgrades, new carpet and paint to combat potential mold problems, new customer furniture, new air conditioning in customer waiting areas, and general changes to meet revised building and fire codes. The project cost ran about $360,000.
"We want customers and employees to be in a building that's safe and one that's comfortable," said Commissioner Currey, adding that her administrative focus in DMV is finding ways to make this customer experience better.
The Commissioner also pointed out that none of the office closures mentioned last summer happened. Offices are open around the state, though there have been changes in some. She encourage customers to check the DMV web site to see which office is convenient for them when they need to come to DMV.
DMV also has underway a series of reviews to streamline steps that either staff or customers need to take to do daily business.
These areas include the timeliness of issuing driver licenses and learner's permits, a comprehensive review of inspection lane operations, improvements to the Consumer Compliant Center's processing and ways to cut costs in handling undeliverable mail.
The agency also has antiquated and outdated computer systems that make it difficult to provide online services. DMV is modernizing to provide more web-based services because of their customer convenience and cost savings.
The $22 million-dollar project is expected to produce new online services later this year and next and streamline DMV’s electronic files so that customers can be served more quickly in the office. New online services will include customers being able to renew any vehicle’s registration online, obtain eight-character vanity plates, do certain information look-ups on themselves or their vehicles pertaining to suspensions, driving violations, emissions tests and insurance coverage.


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