DMV: Driving School License Checklist

Driving School License
All laws related to commercial driving schools can be found in the Connecticut General Statutes (Title 14-68 through 14-78) and in the Regulations of State Agencies (Section 14-78-1 through -14-78-48).  To request an application packet to apply for a driving school license, please contact the DMV's Driver Education Unit.
Below are items needed to open a Commercial Driving School in Connecticut:
  • Application for Driving School License (R-94 form) completed.
  • Accurate Map of the location including property lines, building dimensions showing windows and doors and other characteristics of the location.
  • Fire Marshals Report.
  • A Driver Education Vehicle equipped with auxiliary controls.
  • Insurance binder listing the coverage for each vehicle -$300,000 per vehicle (Driver Education Unit listed as the certificate holder).
  • $15,000 Bond.
  • Corporation or Trade name papers from the Secretary of the State.
  • Zoning approval of the location (location must be at least 200 sq ft and the zoning report must indicate that location is suitable to be used for a driving school)
  • A class curriculum consisting of thirty (30) hours of classroom and (8) hours of behind-the-wheel-training (drug and alcohol portion of the curriculum must be written by a person with expertise in that field).
  • Current Textbooks (enough for the entire class).
  • Rate Schedule (R-100 form).
  • Classroom Schedule.
  • Department of Public Safety Fingerprint Application completed (Green fingerprint card that can be obtained at local police department) for owners, officers and managers of the proposed school.
  • Authorization for Release of Information for DPS CPS search (Provided) completed for owners, officers and managers of the proposed school.
Required Fees (after the application has been approved)
  • $700 (for two-year Commercial Driving School License)
  • $176 (for each additional branch) 

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