DMV: Motorcycle - Learner's Permit - Obtaining

Obtaining a Motorcycle Learner's Permit
SERVICE ADVISORY:  DMV will close for the Labor Day holiday as usual on Friday, Sept. 4, at 12:30 p.m. and will not have its half-day office hours the next day, Saturday. This follows contractual agreements related to state and federal holidays that occur on Mondays as Labor Day does. Offices will reopen Tuesday, Sept. 8, at 7:45 a.m. 
NOTE: Knowledge testing for a motorcycle learner's permit is only provided on a walk-in basis at DMV Hub Offices.

The learner's permit allows you to drive a motorcycle with restrictions to help you gain experience on the road and allows you to drive the motorcycle without a motorcycle endorsement for 60 days.  A permit can be renewed once during the same calendar year.
What to do:
  • Begin the process to get a motorcycle endorsement. (The motorcycle novice safety course is not required to obtain a learner's permit.)
  • Pass the vision and motorcycle knowledge tests.  Once you pass both tests, you qualify for a motorcycle learner's permit. 
What to bring:
What it will cost:
You are subject to following restrictions while operating a with a motorcycle learner's permit:  
  • Valid in Connecticut only.
  • Valid during daylight use only.
  • Not valid for carrying passengers.
  • Not valid on a limited access highways.
  • Vision protecting devise must be used, including but not limited to goggles, glasses, face shields, windshields and wind screens.
  • Protective headgear of a type which conforms to the minimum specifications established by Section 14-289g of the Regulations of Connecticut State Agencies must be worn.

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