DMV: Driver's License - Tips for Spotting Fake License

Tips for Spotting A Phony

Connecticut Driver License or ID Card





Below are some suggestions from the DMV on actions you can take to better detect a phony Connecticut driver license or ID card.

  • Compare the person's signature to the signature on the license. The signatures should match.
  • Make sure the cardholder’s and the Commissioner’s signatures overlap the edges of the main photo.
  • Check the miniature photo on the bottom left-hand side of the driver license or ID card. The photo should appear ghosted.
  • Look closely at the front of the driver license or ID card, a hologram of the state seal, as well as the letters "DMVCT" should appear.
  • Scan the barcode on the back of the license and make sure all of the person's information matches the information on the front of the card.
  • Place the card under ultraviolet light.  On the back of the card, it should reveal outlines of the state's shape with the word "Connecticut" written across it in cursive.
Questions to ask yourself when inspecting a driver license or ID Card
  • Look at the photo on the license or ID card and compare it to the person. Is it the same person?

  • Look at the expiration date on the card. Is it still valid?

  • Does the information on the license or ID card describe the person presenting it in height, color of eyes and approximate age?

  • Ask for the the person's date of birth. Is it the same as on the license or ID card?

  • Does the card appear to be tampered with in anyway?   


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