DMV: Driver's License - Renewing Through Mail

How To Obtain a License
or Non-Driver Identification Card
Through the Mail 


Overview  - Important Information


Your driver's license or non-driver identification card may only be mailed to an out of state or country address, unless you are incarcerated or medically unable to appear in-person.  You will be allowed one  renewal through the mail before a new photo is required.


Commercial driver's license and Public Service license holders cannot renew their licenses through the mail. If you are unable to appear in person and are requesting a renewal, a voluntary downgrade (Form P-147) must be completed. 


If you are in Connecticut, you must appear in person at a DMV office to obtain a renewal/duplicate license or non-driver identification card. 




If you are an active member of the armed forces of the United States of America and your home of record is Connecticut, you may request a duplicate or renew your valid Connecticut Driverís License or Non-Driver Identification Card by mail; must fill out section E of the application.  Please fill out Form B-350 (including Section E of the form).  Please see complete instructions below.


Medically Unable to Appear


Individuals with a major medical condition may request a duplicate or renewal of their driverís license or non-driver identification card by mail by filling out Form B-350 and Form CI-1.  If downgrading from Driverís license to identification card a Form P-147 is required.  Please see complete instructions below.


Temporarily Out of State or Country


If an individual is not able to come into a DMV office to renew or to obtain a replacement of a valid Connecticut Driver's License or non-driver ID Card due to their present location and the license must be mailed to out of state/country address.  Please see complete instructions below.



If an incarcerated person holds a valid Connecticut Driver's License/non-driver identification card that is about to expire, the license/identification card by may be renewed by mail.  The inmate number must be provided and the license/identification card can only be sent to the facility where the applicant is incarcerated.  Please see complete instructions below.

Drive Only License


Drive Only License applicants must apply at a DMV branch office for duplicates and renewals.  These services cannot be completed by mail.

OUT OF STATE RESIDENCY:   If you have established residency in another state, you must obtain a license in your state of residency and may not renew your Connecticut Driver's License.


How to Apply

You can send us your request through mail, e-mail or fax (email or fax will reduce wait time).


By Mail

To renew or request a duplicate of your valid driver license/non-driver identification card through the mail you must:

  • Complete a Request for a Connecticut Driverís License/Identification Card by Mail (Form B-350). Note:  If request is because you are medically unable to appear, you must complete a Request to Renew or Obtain a Duplicate Driverís License or Non-Driver ID Card by Mail Due to a Temporary Medication Condition (Form CI-1).
  • Provide a check or money order made payable to ďDMVĒ for the appropriate fee or you may pay the fee by credit card over the phone (please see instructions below).  All checks must be drawn on a United States Bank and made payable in United States funds.
NOTE: All driver's license renewals and payments processed by mail must be received prior to the expiration date or a $25 late fee applies.  Please send your renewal at least 10 days prior to expiration, especially if mailing from out of country. If you are mailing application and are paying by credit card, please wait 5 business days until calling with credit card information.
  • Mail form and payment to:
Department of Motor Vehicles
60 State Street
Wethersfield, CT  06109
Attention:  Central Issuance Operations Unit



E-mail or Fax

To send your request for a renewal or duplicate license/identification card by e-mail or fax:

  • You must fill out Connecticut Driverís License/Identification Card by Mail (Form B-350) and (Form CI-1 -if applicable)
  • E-mail completed form(s) to or fax to 860-263-5591.
  • After one business day contact the Mail-in License Transaction Unit at (860) 263-5401 (Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m.-3 p.m.) to make a credit card payment (MASTERCARD, VISA OR DISCOVER ONLY).

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