DMV: Testing - Knowledge and Vision Tests

Taking the Vision and Learner's Permit Tests



Learner's permit testing is offered by appointment only at the following DMV offices: Bridgeport, Cheshire, Danbury, HamdenNorwalk, Old Saybrook, Waterbury, Wethersfield and Willimantic. Make your appointment here.


The vision and learner's permit knowledge tests are given during the same appointment.  


Taking the Eye (Vision) and Law (Knowledge) Test:

You must be prepared with all necessary documents before vision and knowledge testing will be given. Photocopies or faxed copies of any documents are not acceptable.

To begin testing you will need to bring:

The Vision Test Evaluates: 
  • Acuity (how clearly you see). Minimum vision requirements for a Class D license is 20/40 or better, with or without corrective lenses.
  • Peripheral vision (how far you can see to either side while looking straight ahead). To meet the vision requirements a person must have one hundred forty degrees of Binocular Peripheral Visual Field.

Failing the Vision Test:

  •  If you fail the vision test, you will not be able to proceed to the knowledge test and will be required to reschedule.

The Knowledge Test:

  • The knowledge test is based on the information contained in the Connecticut Driver's Manual.
  • The exam consists of 25 questions. An applicant needs 20 correct answers to pass.

Failing the Knowledge Test:

If you fail the knowledge test portion you must wait one week (7 days) before you can take the test again and must repay the License Exam Fee.

  • Knowledge test results are valid for 2 years.

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