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Currently, Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) Inspectors are assigned to either the Commercial Vehicle Safety Division or the Dealers and Repairers Division within the  Bureau of Safety and Enforcement.

  • In the Commercial Vehicle Safety Division, Motor Vehicle Inspectors travel throughout the state inspecting vehicles for compliance with established statutory, regulatory and policy standards and enforcing Title 14 Motor Vehicle Laws. These individuals are accountable for performing a full range of activities pertaining to motor vehicles including inspection, vehicle safety, and licensing.  They must be able to deal effectively with those contacted in their work and be able to explain motor vehicle laws and regulations. 

  • In the Dealers and Repairers Division, Motor Vehicle Inspectors are responsible for licensing dealer and repairer facilities throughout Connecticut.  They also are accountable for investigating consumer complaints and verification of pertinent documentation.

The DMV may use the position of Protective Services Trainee (Inspection and Enforcement) as the entry level classification for Motor Vehicle Inspector.  In order to become certified for the position of Protective Services Trainee (Inspection and Enforcement) all applicants are required to pass both the written and agility portions of an examination administered by the Department of Administrative Services (DAS). 

When Protective Service Trainee or Motor Vehicle Inspector positions at the DMV become available, individuals certified by the Department of Administrative Services will be contacted. However, if you are just interested in applying for a position with the DMV, click on How to Apply.

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