DMV: Career Opportunities with the DMV

Career Opportunities with the
Department of Motor Vehicles

COMING SOON:  DMV will soon give customers the convenience of making road test appointments online.  See more information here


Are you a customer oriented person who is committed to excellence?   Do you believe customers should be served in a professional and ethical manner?  Or are you more interested in protecting the safety of Connecticut’s motoring public?  Then you may be interested in becoming a member of the DMV Team.


The DMV offers a wide range of career opportunities in the categories of customer service, inspection and licensing.    


We welcome you to search current jobs available at DMV.

  • If you are a people oriented person, then you may be interested in working in our Customer Service  area.  This area has personnel that serve customers both in person or over the phone.  There are also Motor Vehicle Examiners working in our branch offices that are responsible for registering vehicles, issuing titles, renewing photo licenses and answering questions about DMV procedures.

  • If you are concerned about the safety and condition of vehicles in Connecticut then becoming a part of our Safety and Enforcement team would be right for you.  Employees choosing a career in this field work to become Motor Vehicle Inspectors .  Our various inspector personnel provide a wide range of services that include ensuring vehicles are safe for the road, enforcing motor vehicle laws and regulations, and the licensing of dealer and repair facilities. 

  • If you remember what it was like going for your driver's license and would like to be the person who puts a smile on someone's face, then you want to find out more about the Licensing function of DMV.  These individuals administer the driver's license tests, go out "on the road" with individuals from 16 1/2 to over 80 and may be involved with local law enforcement personnel.

  • The Contract Compliance career path is for someone who is interested in ensuring that the statewide Emissions contract is being administered effectively by monitoring everyday operations of the Emissions testing stations.

All state employees receive an excellent benefits package including health insurance, vacation and sick time, 12 paid holidays, retirement and many voluntary options including deferred compensation.

The Department of Motor Vehicles is an equal opportunity employer operating under an approved affirmative action plan.  As an equal opportunity employer, the DMV encourages women, minorities and persons with disabilities to apply for job openings.

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