DMV: Flood Vehicles

Flood Vehicles


To All CT Licensed New and Used Car Dealers:
As a result of hurricanes or other floods throughout the country, a number of new or used 'flood' vehicles may enter the market in the State of Connecticut.  If you offer for sale a vehicle that you know or should have known is a flood vehicle, you must disclose this condition to the prospective purchaser.  
These vehicles are susceptible to “title washing,” misrepresentation of the vehicle condition at time of sale and improperly branded or unbranded titles.  The dealer community needs to be on alert for these vehicles and must do its best to identify them and make consumers aware of them.
The Connecticut used car warranty law prohibits dealers from making any false, misleading or deceptive statements about the condition or history of any vehicle.  Dealers may not limit any statutory warranties that are applicable to these vehicles or exclude them from the provisions of the used car warranty law if they would be otherwise subject to the statute. 
The sale of a vehicle without proper disclosure also may constitute an unfair trade practice and subject the dealer to a civil action as well as administrative penalties.
All dealers are required to use DMV's K-208 vehicle inspection form before offering any used motor vehicle for sale. 
Thank you.
DMV's Regulated Business License Unit

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