DMV: Obtaining a Dealers or Repairers License - Details


How to Obtain an Automobile
 Dealer's or Repairer's License

Holiday Schedule:  On Friday, Sept. 2, DMV offices will close at 12:30 p.m. in recognition of the Labor Day holiday.  Offices will reopen on Tuesday, Sept. 6, at 7:45 a.m. More information.


  K7 Application                                     R1325D Financial Responsibility Certificate

    Zoning Board must sign                          Insurance for plates/Garage Keepers Liability (if no plates)

    Police Chief must sign if the

    Population is less than 20,000               K158 Surety Bond

    ZBA Letter required if restrictions          $50k for New/Used Dealer

    Are placed on property                            $5k for General/Limited Repairers


  Class B (or better) Survey Map

    Signed by Zoning & Applicant             DEEP Referral Sheet 

    Must have a Seal on Map                                       


  K6 marker Plate Request                   K200 VIN Etching Form            

                                                                     Only for New/Used Dealers

  Trade Name Certificate                          

     From Town Clerks office                     K193/K193A Financial Statement

     When using a DBA                                Only for Used/Repairers only


 K89 Storage Rates                              Clear copy of Drivers License

                                                                      For all Applicants

 K8 Application

   License Inspection application               Sales Tax Permit from Revenue Service


(If LLC or Corporation)

 Certificate of Existence as filed with Sec of State 

    K198 AGENT FOR SERVICE                                                                                                                                  


(LLC only)

 Operating Agreement (When more than ONE member)  Articles of Organization


(New Car Dealers Only)

 Franchise Certificate          Dealer Agreement & Standard Provisions

MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS - LOCATION (This section includes requirements for facilities at the location for which the license is requested).

  1. LIMITED REPAIRER: A building adequate to receive at least one (1) motor vehicle for repairs with a suitable office and storage space for parts and accessories.
  2. GENERAL REPAIRER: A building adequate to receive at least one two (2) motor vehicles simultaneously along with a suitable office in which business may be conducted.
  3. USED CAR DEALER: An area for the display of used cars with a repair department capable of taking care of at least two (2) motor vehicles simultaneously along with a suitable office in which business may be conducted.
  4. NEW CAR DEALER: An area for the display and storage of new and used motor vehicles with a repair department capable of taking care of at least two (2) motor vehicles and an office and parts department suitable to conduct business. Each applicant for a new car dealers license must also hold a contract (franchise) from the manufacturer or distributer, licensed by the State of Connecticut, for each new make of vehicles offered for sale. This contract must be certified by each such manufacturer or distributer and submitted to the DMV.


  1. At least one mechanic fully qualified to properly service the vehicles sold or repaired with a thorough knowledge of the product sold or serviced. If the mechanic is an employee, the mechanic must be employed at the licensed location for at least 35 hours in each 7-day week.
  2. The location must have a waste oil retention tank which must be vented and must have a minimum capacity of 250 gallons. The applicant must contract with an approved waste disposal firm for the removal of waste oil and similar materials, such as solvents, and such firm must certify its services in writing to the DMV together with its compliance with applicable State Department of Environmental Protection rules. 

New and Used Dealers Will be Required to Demonstrate the Proper Use of:

  • Sales orders
  • Waiver of estimates
  • Sales invoices
  • Loan agreements (dealer plates)
  • Federal odometer statements
  • Repair-orders
  • Buyers guide stickers
  • Supplemental I.D. card for plate use
  • Estimate orders and your provision for documenting oral authorization

Estimate orders and your provision for documenting oral authorization

Repairers Will be Required to Have and Demonstrate the Proper Use of:

Repair orders

Waiver of estimates

Loan agreements (repair plates)

Supplemental I.D. card for plate use

Estimate orders and your provision for documenting oral authorization

A towing business (which must have a dealer/repairer license) will be required to have tow records (invoices) and be knowledged in the proper methods to dispose of abandoned vehicles.

Proper tools and equipment will be required for the operation of your business. New and used dealers will be required to have necessary tools/equipment to perform a complete safety inspection.

An exam will be given at the time of your final inspection for your knowledge of the automobile sales or repair business as required by state laws.

At the time your inspection is conducted you will be required to be prepared with the following items, showing your business is ready for operation:



1. Lemon Law (Auto Dispute Program) signs posted in the service area.

2. V.I.N. etching cost.

3.  Customer rights

4.  Labor and storage price sign. 


1. Customer rights

2. Labor and storage price sign.


1. The K-7 form  APPLICATION FOR AUTOMOBILE DEALER'S OR REPAIRER'S LICENSE must be completed and signed by the the Zoning Board Chairman in the city or town in which the location is proposed. The hearing may be waived at the discretion of the local ZBA.The K-7 Form must be signed and the appropriate information regarding the waiver and previous approval must be completed.

2. The Chief of Police statement on the bottom of section 2 of the APPLICATION (Form K-7) may have to be completed and signed by the chief of police in the locality in which the location is proposed if the population of the town is LESS than 20,000. If the locality has no organized police department, the statement must be completed and signed by the commander of the nearest Connecticut State Police barracks.

To submit the completed application (with supporting documents) to the DMV with an application fee of $140, you may either call (860)263-5056 for an appointment or mail to DMV 60 State St Wethersfield, CT 06109. The license and registration fees are paid after approval of the application.  Refer to SECTION I below for license and plate fees. The following required items must also be submitted with the completed application.

  1. Proof of financial responsibility (insurance) pursuant to Section 14-112, C.G.S. on Form R1325D available from the applicant's insurer.
  2. Sales tax permit number which is obtained upon application to the State Tax Department.
  3. Surety Bond in the amount of $50,000 for each new or used car dealer or $5,000 for each repairers license.

FEES: All Licenses and Plate Fees are for a Two Year Period

Application fee (all licenses) $140.00

New dealer license $700.00

Used dealer license $560.00

Repairer license (including limited repairer) $340.00

Registration fee per plate (1 per vehicle) $140.00

Safety fee (per plate) $5.00

Special dealer registration plates as much as full COMMERCIAL RATE


Applications for dealer and repairer licenses are processed by the Regulated Business Licensing Unit of the DMV at 60 State Street, Wethersfield, CT 06161-2011, Room 322, telephone (860) 263-5056. Forms and assistance are available from this office.

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