DMV: Construction

Special Requirements: Only issued to those holding a contract for construction with the State, a Municipality or a Public Corporation.  Can be used only on highways closed for construction.  Cannot be used to transport equipment from one site to another.  Contract # must appear on the registration.  No title is required. 
*See Heavy Duty Vehicle Use Tax Payment
Special Stamp:   Sec. 14-25a. Identifying registration certificate and marker for certain construction equipment. (a) Registration under section 14-12 is unnecessary for equipment used on a construction project if: (1) The equipment is operated on that part of a highway closed by the Commissioner of Transportation under title 13a, or closed by any comparable authority of a municipality or public corporation, for the purpose of construction or reconstruction of a public highway, or appurtenances thereto, pursuant to a contract with the state, a municipality or a public corporation, or is operated within the area defined by such a construction contract; (2) an identifying registration certificate and number plate are obtained from the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles; and (3) the state does not suffer any loss of revenues granted or to be granted from any agency or department of the federal government. An annual fee of ten dollars shall be charged for the identifying registration certificate and marker. On and after July 1, 1992, the fee shall be twelve dollars.
NOTES:    A class transfer CANNOT be made to or from a construction registration. Inspection NOT required.
Axle/weight limits apply.

Registration Fee - $12

Clean Air Act Fee - $5

Aministrative Fee - $10


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