DMV: Modernization Fact Sheet

Fact Sheet on DMV’s Computer Upgrade
Gear Up!
About the Project:
• DMV is gearing up to provide more online services for customers.  Through a modernization project, DMV is upgrading its 50-year-old computer system.  The DMV’s current computer systems lack connections with each other to deliver cost-effective, streamlined and efficient services to our customers.  This will soon change.
• August 11-15, 2015, DMV was closed except for licensing services, to complete the installation of new software.  Licensing services will still be available during this time period at all DMV and AAA offices.
• Expiration deadlines have been extended for renewals of driver’s license and vehicle registrations.  For any vehicle registration, driver’s license, or ID card that expires ON or AFTER AUGUST 11, 2015, renewals can be done without a late fee until OCTOBER 10, 2015. Expirations have also been extended until that date.
• This modernization project involves 14 million vehicle and customer records across several DMV databases and the rewriting of over 40 million lines of computer code.
• The cost of this project is approximately $25 million. 
• This modernization includes connecting DMV’s business partners, such as law enforcement, town tax collectors/assessors and other state agencies, to information from DMV’s databases.
• This modernization project started in 2009 and is being rolled out in phases.  The first phase launched in 2012 and provided web-based services for motor vehicle dealerships and repair shops.  DMV licenses dealerships and repair shops.  The current phase will upgrade DMV’s registration database.  The next phase will upgrade DMV’s driver license system. 
• The new system will create a new customer-focused system.  That means that all of your DMV records (driver’s license, vehicle registrations and titles) will be linked with a single identification number.  
• The new system required the training of over 300 DMV employees. 
• The software being used has been made by 3M Corporation.
• Connecticut DMV has been in contact with other states (Delaware, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine and Montana) that also have started and/or completed similar modernization projects to research lessons learned and improve its project plan.
New online customer services include:
• Improving the existing online registration renewal program.
• Online checking for items, such as unpaid property taxes, lack of insurance and delinquent parking violations, which can hold up a registration renewal and cause repeat trips to DMV.
• Reprinting a registration certificate from a home or other computer.
• Canceling a registration online.
• Ordering online special plates, such as vanity plates.
• Ordering online replacements for damaged plates.
• Providing customers with an option for DMV to contact them either by mail or e-mail.


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