DMV: Title - Replace Your Title

DMV Easy Answers
For Replacing Your Title
The owner, legal representative, (i.e. power of attorney) or lien holder may apply to replace a title.
What to do:
 Request the DMV application form online (form H-6B).  You may also visit your local DMV office to get the form.

 Mail completed form (be sure to sign the form), payment, and lien release if applicable, to:
Department of Motor Vehicles
Title Division
60 State Street
Wethersfield, CT 06161
What it will cost:
 The fee is $25.  Please make check or money order payable to DMV.
Documents/forms you need:
 If a lien is listed on the original title, a lien release must accompany the application. If the lien release is missing, the application will be returned to you


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