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Thank you for looking at DMV Easy Answers. This is a customer service designed to make information more compact, especially for mobile and tablet users with small screens. We will be adding more information in the coming weeks. Our goal with DMV Easy Answers is to provide just enough information without the more detailed explanations. Links for any further detailed information are at the bottom of each page. 
Our goal with DMV Easy Answers is to provide customers information in a brief way to help them more quickly.
However, if the Easy Answer doesn't satisfy your questions, then DMV's detailed answers are available on the home page of the DMV web site. You can also use the search box at the top of the site to find information.
Thank you for your patience with this site and please send us your thoughts on other topics to place here.
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Acceptable Forms of Payment for DMV Services
New Residents
Manuals for New Drivers
Licenses - Obtaining
Licenses/ID Cards - Renewing
Licenses/ID Cards - Replacing
Licenses - Renewing by Mail
Change Personal Information on DMV Records
Disabled Drivers - DMV Resources
Records - How to Obtain 
Vehicle Registrations and License Plates
Suspended License or Registration
Complaints Against Car Dealers and Repair Shops 

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