DMV: Frequently Asked Questions on Online Registration Renewal

Frequently Asked Questions
on DMV AutoRenew


 1. What kind of vehicle registrations can be renewed online?

Online registration renewal is an option available only for passenger-type vehicle registrations. This type of registration can be renewed on the Internet, if the registrant has no delinquent tax, parking ticket, suspension, insurance, or emissions issues. If a Personal Identification Number (PIN) for Internet renewal was not provided on your renewal application, then the registration must be renewed by mail. 


2. Are there additional fees for registering online?

No. Your usual registration fees and any associated late fees will remain the same.


3. What forms of payment can I use to pay for my online renewal?

You may only use a MasterCard or Visa card. No debit cards are accepted.


4. Can I renew online if my registration is expired or past due?

Yes, providing you do the renewal within 30 days of its expiration date.


5. Can I renew online if my registration has been cancelled for any reason?



6. What information will I need to renew online?

You will need the Personal Identification Number (PIN), marker plate number and class code information on your renewal application that the DMV mailed to you. You will also need a valid MasterCard or Visa card and valid insurance on the vehicle you are registering.


7. How can I be sure that DMV received my request to renew my registration?

At the final screen when renewing online, you will receive a confirmation receipt. Please copy it for your files for reference should you need it when calling the DMV to discuss your online transaction. If you supplied an e-mail address when beginning the transaction, you will receive an e-mail confirmation when you finish the transaction.


8. Can I change my address when doing an online registration renewal?

No changes are allowed through the online renewal process.


9. How long will it take to get my registration?

The registration renewal process and actual certificate has changed.  Ten days after submitting this online renewal request, you can verify that the DMV received your payment and that your registration has been renewed by visiting the DMV’s online registration renewal verification website. Please see more information on the new registration process.


10. After I turn 65 can I change my two-year registration to one year through the online renewal process?

No. You must make that change in a DMV branch office or mail in your registration renewal indicating the change


11. How can I contact the DMV?

Call our Phone Center at 860-263-5700 outside the Hartford area or at 1-800-842-8222 elsewhere in Connecticut.   You may write to the DMV at 60 State St., Wethersfield, CT 06161.

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