DMV: Insurance Compliance Information

Insurance Compliance Information

SERVICE ADVISORY:  DMV offices will be closed on Thursday, Nov. 26, for the Thanksgiving Day holiday.  Offices will reopen on Friday, Nov. 27.

Connecticut state law (Title 14, Sec. 14-12g) requires continuous insurance coverage on any registered vehicle. 
If you have not maintained insurance on a registered vehicle, you will receive a "Notice of Suspension" from DMV.  The "Notice of Suspension" will have instructions on how to proceed. 

If you have received Notice of Suspension:
  • A vehicle owner can enter into an Insurance Compliance Consent Agreement (form SR-37), obtain insurance and pay the insurance compliance fine of $200 to meet requirements.
  • There are some instances where insurance companies incorrectly inform the DMV of changes in coverage.  If you have received a "notice of suspension", you must provide proof of continuous insurance to DMV.    

Failure to respond to your Notice of Suspension within 45 days will result in your registration and registration privileges being suspended.
As a reminder, any time that you cancel insurance on your vehicle or your registration has expired, you must notify DMV and cancel your registration.  Registrations can be cancelled online or in person at a DMV Branch.

There are 3 ways to pay an insurance compliance fine:


If your insurance company has reported a lapse of insurance you may pay your fine online.  If your insurance company has reported dropped insurance you must provide proof of insurance and respond by mail.

By Phone

For a lapse of insurance you can pay by phone with credit card.  The insurance compliance contact is (860) 263-5725

By Mail

Insurance Compliance correspondence should be addressed to:

Department of Motor Vehicles
Insurance Compliance Unit
60 State Street
Wethersfield, CT 06161

Registration Renewals
If your registration renewal is “on hold” due to an insurance compliance case and you have made an attempt to comply by sending proof of insurance or entering into a consent agreement:

PLEASE NOTE: The DMV's Insurance Compliance Unit does not process cases in-person. All transactions must be conducted by mail or through a drop-off location in the Wethersfield Office. The drop box is located in the first floor lobby (near the elevator).
For more information, please call the DMV's Insurance Compliance Unit at (860) 263-5725.
DMV's Insurance Compliance Unit has phone operators on duty:

Tue, Wed & Fri - 8:00am to 4:00pm
Thurs - 9:00am to 4:30pm

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