DMV: DMV Offers New Online Check of Driver's License

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January 23, 2014
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DMV Offers New Online Check on
Whether Driver's License Is Valid
WETHERSFIELD Ė The Department of Motor Vehicles today announced a new online lookup for checking whether a driverís license is valid.

The new online service at allows anyone to put in a driverís license number and a message will return whether the license is valid.
ďWe see this as a significant customer service, especially for those who are awaiting a restoration of their suspension. No longer do they need to call the DMV, but they can simply go online to check whether their license is valid,Ē said DMV Commissioner Melody A. Currey.
Each day the DMV gets a number of requests to determine the validity of a driverís licenses. These checks come often from customers inquiring whether a suspension has been removed. In addition, other reasons can range from employers checking on driver applicants to background reviews on any variety of applications for purchases or services. The information on the site updates one business day after any changes are made in the DMV computer systems. 
This look up pairs with a check on whether a vehicle is validly registered in the state. It can be found at  The check is easy to do on any Connecticut marker plate. The vehicle type (class code), such as passenger, commercial, etc. and the marker plate letters and/or numbers are entered. After submitting the information, the site will give an expiration date for the plate or indicate a problem with the plate or information entered.
In addition, DMV offers a variety of other online services:


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