DMV: DMV Reports on Customer Service Improvements

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October 31, 2013

DMV Reports on Customer Service Improvements
Online Services Expanding to Make it Easier for Customers

WETHERSFIELD -- Improving online service opportunities, according to a recent Department of Motor Vehicles study, has been central in changes at the agency during the last few years as DMV expanded offerings for customers.
The changes range from having new test centers to providing online scheduling of learner's permit tests. Reducing wait times through various improvements has also been central to changes at the agency.
“We know that, when given the choice, most DMV customers would prefer to access the agency’s services online or over the phone rather than travel to a DMV service location – it’s simply more convenient and less time consuming,” said Governor Dannel P. Malloy. “From the start, our goal has been to make it easier for residents to do business with state agencies. Based on the feedback we have received from DMV customers thus far, we are making significant progress toward that goal.”
“These enhancements are made for customer convenience and will make it easier for millions of Connecticut residents to do business with the DMV,” DMV Commissioner Melody A. Currey said. “DMV employees are working very hard to integrate new technology, which has allowed DMV to implement customer services that were never possible before.”
In the last year, DMV  added a popular service for scheduling a learner’s permit test appointment at any of five locations around the state. Since that service started in May 2012, an overwhelming majority – 94 percent – of  customers using it report being “very satisfied” with the entire process.
DMV also now provides a web-based check on wait times for each service locations so customers can pick the most convenient time to visit their local DMV office.
Some DMV services no longer take as long to complete. Next-day commercial driver’s license test results are now available, VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) checks can be done at 225 emission stations. Vehicle titles are issued in the half the time (15 days rather than 30) compared to a year ago.
DMV also now accepts credit card payments for a variety of transactions – some can be processed over the phone.
DMV’s teen driving advisory committee consistently promotes education and safety to teens -- our most inexperienced drivers. DMV also led efforts to address underage drinking and driving. Another safety measure focused on those over 18 who now have a 90-day training period before getting their license for the first time. For the senior drivers, DMV's website offers them many driving suggestions for self-evaluation and driving tips.
In cooperation with the State Department of Veterans’ Affairs, DMV provides active duty military personnel and veterans the option of the U.S. flag on their license of state ID. DMV also gives active military members the chance to renew their commercial driver’s license through the mail.
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