DMV: Parents, Teens, Driving Schools Get New Safety Video to Explain Laws

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August 31, 2013

Parents, Teens Driving Schools 
Get New Safety Video to Explain Laws
New Video Explains Teen Driving Laws, Responsibilities

WETHERSFIELD -- A new video has been released to explain the teen driving laws to parents, teens and for use in driving schools. It was produced through the DMV Commissioner's Advisory Committee on Teen Safe Driving.  

DMV will be sending the video to driving schools statewide to show during the state-required two-hour parent-teen training segment for obtaining a driver's license. It also will be available on the web site for the DMV Center for Teen Safe Driving.   
"We think this will be a wonderful addition to the information driving schools provide regarding safe driving. It's a conversation starter for parents and teens," said DMV Commissioner Melody A. Currey.
The video covers the state's teen-specific driving laws, such as curfews, passenger restrictions and ban on cell phone use. It also reviews penalties for violating them as well as tips for keeping safe behind the wheel. The video shortly will be copied to DVD and mailed to all driving schools in the state.
The video production was provided by NBC Connecticut in cooperation with the DMV Commissioner's Advisory Committee on Teen Safe Driving.
"NBC Connecticut is proud to be part of this community collaboration focused on keeping our kids safe behind the wheel. There have been far too many news stories on teen drivers lost on Connecticut roadways. We hope this video makes a difference and helps to save precious lives", said Ric Harris, NBC Connecticut president and general Manager.
The video features teens Juhi Gupta of Rocky Hill, Luke Edwards of Madison and Daniyal Khan of Berlin. In addition, advisory committee members Lt. Paul Vance of the Connecticut State Police, Lt. Garfield Green of the DMV and Chief John Daly of the Southington Police and President of the Connecticut Police Chief's Association are also featured.
Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center provided funding for distribution of the video and Yale-New Haven Children's Hospital provided funding for subtitles for deaf and hearing impaired as well as translation into Spanish.
"Safe drivers come from good instruction and education. This new video provides that critical starting point, and we commend the collaborators for creating this life-saving message. It will make a difference -- a difference that will directly benefit our local teens and their families," said David S. Shapiro, MD, and trauma surgeon.
Pina Violano, MSPH, RN, from Yale-New Haven Children's Hospital, said, "This video serves as a great resource for teens and their parents. With the added benefits of having the video available in Spanish for our growing Hispanic population and subtitles for the hearing impaired, we now will be able reach an even greater audience."
Attorney Richard Hastings of Ridgefield, an advisory committee member whose suggestions led to creating the video, said, "After attending the parent teen driver education class with my son, I approached the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles about the need to improve the content and the message of the materials that were being delivered to both the parents and the teen drivers. We are very hopeful that these additional tools, that can be used by parents, will help to reduce teen accidents and save lives."
Tim Hollister, advisory committee member and a parent whose book, Not So Fast: Parenting Your Teen through the Dangers of Driving, that will be released nationally on September 1, praised the video as starting point for parents and teens to talk about safe driving.
"Safer teen driving requires every parent and teen to understand the rules that our state has adopted specifically to address the dangers faced by inexperienced drivers, including passengers, curfews, and distracting electronics. This video is a concise summary of where every family should start with a young driver," he said.

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