DMV: DMV Expands VIN Check Outlets from 7 to Over 200 Statewide

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June 26, 2013

DMV on July 1 to Expand VIN Check Outlets
from 7 to Over 200 Statewide
WETHERSFIELD - The Department of Motor Vehicles beginning July 1 will make a major customer service change to provide more than 200 outlets statewide to do checks on vehicle identification numbers. Only seven DMV offices now perform that service. 
By transferring the checks to nearly 230 emissions testing stations and other garages, customers can choose from among many more convenient locations. VIN verifications, which cost $10, are required for any vehicle being registered in Connecticut for the first time and not needing an emissions test.
“We are continually working to make DMV more accessible and provide services that are easy for our customers to use. This is another in those efforts,” said DMV Commissioner Melody A. Currey.
Beginning Monday, VIN verifications for passenger cars, commercial vehicles, motorcycles, and trailers will only be performed at the emissions test stations and certain other garages. A complete list of these VIN verification stations can be found at
Some exceptions will exist for certain vehicles. For instance, vehicles being registered for the first time in Connecticut needing an emissions test also get VIN checks done with the test. In addition, a smaller list of vehicles that have special manufacturing details will still need to go to DMV inspection lanes in Wethersfield and Hamden.
These includes vehicles that are abandoned, amphibious, composite (Dune buggies, three-wheeled vehicles, etc.), former military vehicles, Grey Market ( imported vehicles that may not conform to U.S. federal safety standards), and vehicles with an altered,  missing or undetectable VINs.
VIN verification is a procedure for an official check that a vehicle identification number matches the paperwork for that vehicle. Many states require VIN verification as part of the vehicle registration process. All road-worthy vehicles in the United States are required to have a unique VIN, riveted or stamped on the body. This number is included on titles, registrations and other paperwork. Verifications also discourage crime because thieves cannot easily trade in stolen vehicles and VIN checks are used to discover stolen vehicles.

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