DMV: DMV Starts Online Appointments in Fairfield County for Learner's Permits

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April 29, 2013
DMV Starts Online Appointments in 
Fairfield County for Learner's Permits
WETHERSFIELD – The Department of Motor Vehicles, responding to requests from customers in Southwestern Connecticut, began today offering appointments in Fairfield County for a learner’s permit test.
The appointment system aims to help parents, teens and other adults bypass the walk-in and wait-in-line process for this test.  They can now go online at  to schedule this test given at the Norwalk DMV office, 540 Main Avenue.
“We’re pleased to add Southwestern Connecticut for this learner’s permit service and we encourage customers take advantage of this convenient, time-saving option,” DMV Commissioner Melody A. Currey said.   “It is part of our continuing effort to provide more online services and make DMV easier for customers.” 
This planned expansion includes extending the online scheduling service to additional locations around the state.  The appointment-for-convenience system, piloted for the last year only in Cheshire, has been overwhelmingly favorable. Residents of Fairfield County, which has strong demand for learner’s permit testing, asked for an appointments center closer to home.
The first appointment for a test in Norwalk is May 14, but customers should go online today to book appointments.  Schedules can fill up quickly because learner’s permit tests start to increase in May and through the summer as teens and parents find time after school ends to do driver training.  In addition, adults seeking a driver’s license for the first time are required to hold a learner’s permit before getting licensed.
An overwhelming majority – 97 percent – of nearly 8,000 customers using the Cheshire appointment system since opening last May report being “very satisfied” with the entire process.
Here’s a sampling of what customers said in a survey after taking the learner’s permit test.  DMV has used a survey to gauge customer satisfaction in this pilot project.
  • “The DMV center was excellent, super-efficient, quick, friendly.”
  • “The most enjoyable DMV experience thus far. Highly recommend!”
  • “Everything worked like clockwork with the appointment system. Was a great experience.”
Customers using the convenience of a home computer, portable laptop, iPad, iPhone or any device with an internet browser can schedule the learner’s permit knowledge test and then choose a specific day and time go to a test center.
Adults and teens can go to and follow the easy instructions for choosing a date, time and location for taking the learner’s permit test.  After entering all required information, a $59 payment must be made through a major credit card or electronic check. The cost for using the system is the same as going to a major DMV service office.
The appointment service is part of a multi-million dollar effort at DMV to better integrate technology, achieve taxpayer savings, and make government more responsive. 


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