DMV: Emissions Test Notice Gets New Look

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March 14, 2013
See example of new card attached
Emissions Test Notice Gets Brighter Look
WETHERSFIELD – Look for a new post card the Department of Motor Vehicles is sending to remind vehicle owners that an emissions test is due.  It sports bright contrasting colors of white, red and black.
DMV recently began using the small white card that looks similar to other mailings from the agency. It has black letters and shows a red box and banner advertising it’s time for a test, which is needed every two years. It replaces a dull yellow and black design used for the last two years.   
In addition, some text on the post card has been revised to make test-related information easier to find and read.
“We think these brighter colors will get vehicle owners' attention about the due date and that can help them avoid late fees,” DMV Commissioner Melody A. Currey said.
Emissions tests are required every two years on most vehicles. Those exempted are vehicles four-model years old or newer and those that are 25-years old or older.  The cost for a test has remained at $20 since the program began in 1983. Motorists can also sign up at for e-mail reminders about needing a test. 
For more information on the state’s emissions testing program, please visit

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