DMV: Pajamas at DMV Go to Help Children in Need

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February 21, 2013

Pajamas at DMV Go to Help Children in Need
WETHERSFIELD – There are many ways to express caring. Flowers, chocolates, fancy dinners and… pajamas collected at the Department of Motor Vehicles.
DMV employees recently showed their caring for children in need by donating 100 pairs of PJs to the Connecticut Chapter of the Pajama Program, a nation-wide organization supporting needy children and families.
“I am proud of our DMV employees helping those in our state. The Pajama Program will benefit children with a gift that will be special to them,” said DMV Commissioner Melody A. Currey.
DMV employees Kathy Gagnon and Paula Jervasi headed up the collection efforts and delivered the donations on Valentine’s Day. A variety of jammies were donated. They came in many sizes and sported a rainbow of reds, blues, greens and other colors accented in different designs. The assortment even rivaled the many ways pajamas have been spelled since the term was introduced more than 200 years ago (paunjammahs, paejamus, paijamahs, peijammahs, piejamahs, pigammahs, pajamas, pyjamahs, pyjamas, pyjammas, paijamas, according to the Oxford English Dictionary).
Most of all, though, these PJs pack the promise of excitement for children looking for unique special bedtime clothes to call their own. The donations go to various organizations in the state that help Connecticut's families in need, the Pajama Program’s Connecticut coordinators have pointed out.
Many children are waiting for donations and the need for them is strong, said Connecticut chapter leader Janet Estevez in an interview last fall. “It is such a simple gesture, but makes a world of difference to these children. The Pajama Program goes into high gear now to ensure as many children as possible will be warm at bedtime during the fall and winter months,” she said.
The Pajama Program in Connecticut coordinates the delivery of the sleepwear in the state as well as books that are donated, too.  (
With 40 states benefitting from the New York-based Pajama Program, the national organization donated over 2 million pajamas and books since 2001 to children in need across the United States. More information about the program can be found at


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