DMV: An Update for DMV Customers Affected by Hurricane Sandy


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November 2, 2012


An Update for DMV Customers Affected by Hurricane Sandy


WETHERSFIELD Special Statement from DMV Commissioner Melody A. Currey to those affected by Hurricane Sandy:


As we approach the end of this difficult week that has brought hardship to many in our state, I would like our customers to know that DMV is here to work with you as you work to recover from Hurricane Sandy. Although the storm has subsided, we understand that it's often in the following days you may need our help.


For those still experiencing a power outage, we recognize that calling, e-mailing or getting to a DMV office may be difficult or limited. We will make every effort to help when you do phone, visit or contact us after your power is restored or your schedule allows time to handle a DMV matter. Please keep these helpful tips in mind:


Our Telephone Call Center is available to provide information about the variety of DMV issues you may be facing or thinking about. If you or someone you know needs assistance, please reach our Call Center at 860-263-5700 (Within Hartford area or outside of Connecticut) or 800-842-8222 (Elsewhere in Connecticut). Telephone Center hours with operators on duty are: Monday- Friday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. and we have a 24-hour automated answering system that can provide information to many questions.


Governor Dannel P. Malloy has ordered the extension of all expiration dates and periods of validity for motor vehicle registrations, licenses, permits, certificates and other forms of credentials issued by or on behalf of the DMV. These are extended until further notice due to the impact of Hurricane Sandy on Connecticut. This is to provide you with one less worry during this difficult time. You will be advised through the media and on our website when an end date is chosen for the extension.


Here are some special resources for further information as circumstances allow you access to phones and electricity:

DMV has an extensive website at to answer many questions.

You may reach the executive offices of the Commissioner at 860-263-5735.

For emissions information and assistance - or call 888-828-8399.

For Driver's License Suspension information, you may email at or please call 860-263-5720.

For Insurance Compliance Suspension information, please call 860-263-5725.


All of our branch offices are fully operational for you to visit should you want to just drop in. Most emissions testing centers are also operational, but I suggest you call ahead to make an appointment.


We are committed to helping you and our communities around the state recover and rebuild from this storm.



Melody A. Currey



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