DMV: DMV Announces Temporary Office Schedule Changes to Prepare Staff for Customer Service Improvements

For Immediate Release
February 2, 2012
DMV to Make Customer Service Improvements
Temporary Office Schedule Changes to Prepare Staff
WETHERSFIELD -- The Department of Motor Vehicles is upgrading its computer systems to offer more online transactions and DMV offices will shortly have temporary downtime so staff can learn about developing features in the new system.
The multi-million dollar project, which is expected to produce new online services later this year and next, essentially aims to make it easy for customers to do a number of online services with DMV. It is also designed to streamline DMV’s electronic files so that customers can be served more quickly when doing business with the agency.
The temporary downtime, when an office will be shut only on a specific day, will affect offices statewide beginning next week according to the following schedule:
February 7 – Willimantic
February 8 – Willimantic and Putnam
February 14 – Norwich
February 15 – Norwich and Putnam
February 21 – 24 Old Saybrook
February 28 – March 2 - New Britain
March 6 and 7 – Bridgeport and the Milford Photo License Center
March 8 and 9 – Danbury
March 13 – Hamden Office
March 14 – Hamden and the Derby Photo License Center
March 15 and 16 – Norwalk
March 20 – 21 – Waterbury and the Winsted satellite office
With the exceptions of these temporary downtimes, DMV and AAA offices are open and serving customers. Customers should check the DMV website at for a convenient location and time.
The computer modernization project, which is underway, is divided into three phases that are expected to be completed during the next two years. Some of the early work in phase 1 includes:
  • An online service for customers to cancel their marker plates when it is lost or stolen.
  • A registration verification system to check on whether a vehicle is properly registered in the state.
  • Design of an improved process for issuing new dealer and repairer licenses that could some day lead to filing information online for these businesses that are also customers of DMV.
  • Customers to handle online issues surrounding compliance matters with state law.
  • Customers to renew any vehicle’s registration online (Now doing only passenger cars whose owners do not owe property taxes or have other violations that prevent the registration of the vehicle).
  • Customers to order vanity plates online (now customers can only check online whether a combination of letters or numbers are available, but they still need to mail-in the order).
  • DMV to give customers 8-character vanity plates. The state now does only 6 characters. This opens up the possibility of more vanity plates that we don’t produce now.
  • Allow customers to do certain information look-ups that might tell them whether they can obtain a license or registration. One kind of look-up is the suspension records and driver history records that show violations that prevent someone from getting a license or registration.


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