DMV: DMV Extends Expirations of Licenses, Registrations and Other Credentials

September 1, 2011
DMV Extends Expirations of Licenses, 
Registrations and Other Credentials
WETHERSFIELD   The Department of Motor Vehicles will extend the validity of driver licenses, vehicle registrations and other credentials expiring August 27 through September 12. They remain valid during that time period, but must be renewed by September 12.
Law enforcement will be notified about this extension. The agency is taking this action as a result of severe storm damage from Hurricane Irene hitting Connecticut.
In addition, late fees for both expiring credentials and emissions tests will be waived during this period only through September 12. All late fees will resume on September 13. Late-fee  waivers do not cover expirations prior to August 27.
The late fee for a license is $25, the late fee for a registration renewal is $10 and the emission test late fee is $20. Customers are reminded that they need to either mail-in their registration renewals or complete an online renewal if they have no outstanding obligations that need to be satisfied first.

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