DMV: Early American Antique Plates

Early American Antique Plates

{Picture of early american antique plate.}

To obtain an Early American Vanity plate, the vehicle must be twenty years old (model year) or older. This plate will no longer be available in DMV offices after March 29, 2014. This design will be replaced by the new Classic Vehicle design, which will be available in DMV offices beginning April 1, 2014.

*Any antique, rare or special interest motor vehicle, as defined in section 14-1, shall be assessed at a value of not more than five hundred dollars.

Plate requests are made on the Special Order Plate Application form M-22.

The vehicle must be Currently Registered with Early American plates in Connecticut.  If you have another type of plate on your vehicle, you will need to process a plate class transfer by turning in your existing plates and obtaining off-the-shelf Early American plates.

The fee is $96.  Vanity plate options - see additional information.

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