DMV: Driving Schools - Driver Education Certificate

Driver Education Certificate


SERVICE UPDATE:  DMV has transitioned to a new, online-only appointment system for road tests.  You can find the new online appointment system here.  


All applicants must present a hard copy of the original completed Driver Education Certificate (form CS-1) at the time of road test. Photocopies are not acceptableOnline course certificates are not accepted.


CS-1 will be issued by a Connecticut licensed driving school after successful completion of the training course.


The certificate certifies the actual training was successfully completed by the applicant, such as:

  • 30 hours of classroom and 8 hours behind-the-wheel driving or
  • 8 hours only of Safe Driving Practices course

NOTE: Required two (2) hours of parent training is included in both of these courses for 16 and 17 year olds.


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