DMV: Inspection FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions on Safety Inspections

Holiday Closing:  On Tuesday, February 12, all DMV offices will be closed for the President Lincoln's Birthday holiday.  Offices will reopen on Wednesday, February 13, at 7:45 a.m.

  • What vehicles require a safety inspection in the State of Connecticut?

    A complete list of vehicles that require a safety inspection can be found under Inspections Performed at DMV.

  • If my vehicle requires a safety inspection, where must I bring the vehicle?

    A complete listing of locations for vehicles requiring a safety inspection can be found under Inspections Performed at DMV.

  • Does my 10-year-old or older vehicle require a safety inspection?

    No, additional information on inspection requirements can be found under Inspections Performed at DMV.

  • Does my out of state vehicle require a safety inspection?

    No, however, your out of state vehicle requires a vehicle identification number (VIN) verification. This can be done at a VIN Verification Inspection Station.  Your out of state vehicle may require an emission test.  See Emission Tests for further information.     The following list of vehicles being registered in Connecticut for the first time will require a safety inspection: 

    Composite Vehicle (modified antique and street rod vehicles)
    -  Driver Education Vehicle
    Homemade Trailers (unless previously titled out-of-state with a vehicle identification number).
    Salvage Vehicles with a ‘Salvage’ title (Totaled, Reconstructed, Modified)
    Service Buses, School Buses and Student Transportation Vehicles
    -  Taxi
    -  Wrecker

    Additional information on the requirements for each vehicle listed above can be found under Inspections Performed at DMV.

  • Does my vehicle bought at auction require a safety inspection?

    No, unless it is listed under Inspections Performed at DMV.

  • If I purchase an out of state vehicle  does it need to be safety inspected?       

    No, but it is required to have a vehicle identification number (VIN) verification.  This can be done at a VIN Verification Inspection StationSee also Emission Test Requirements
  • If I sell a 10-year-old vehicle, does the buyer need to have the vehicle safety inspected?

    No, however, the vehicle may need an Emission Test.        
  • My vehicle is 15 years old; I took it off the road and now want to re-register the vehicle. Does it need inspection? 

    No, however, the vehicle may need an Emission Test
  • Can I drive my salvage vehicle in for the safety inspection?           

A private individual cannot drive or tow the salvaged vehicle to the DMV office. Vehicles may only be brought in on a flat-bed trailer or car carrier (i.e., no wheel of the vehicle may touch the ground).

The vehicle can be driven/towed by a bona fide Dealer/Repairer employee with Dealer/Repair Plates only when the dealer is the owner of the vehicle. But if it fails inspection it must be transported away on a flatbed trailer


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