DMV: Branded Titles-Legends

Branded Titles-Legends

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Legends: Are used when a title is branded based on previous title history.  Listed below are the different types of legends which may appear when making an inquiry and their definitions.




A. REBUILT: This vehicle has gone through a salvage inspection after the vehicle has been declared a total loss and the title has been stamped salvage by an insurance company.


B. THIS IS A DUPLICATE TITLE AND MAY BE SUBJECT TO THE RIGHTS OF A PERSON UNDER THE ORIGINAL CERTIFICATE: The customer has lost the original title and has been issued a duplicate title.


C. THIS VEHICLE MAY BE SUBJECT TO UNDISCLOSED LIEN: This legend is recorded when the vehicle was either last registered in a state that does not title that model year vehicle or a state in which the title is not the exclusive means of recording a lien on a motor vehicle.

 REQUIRED TO REGISTER: Vehicle was titled without going through a required inspection.  Applicant must have prior approval from the Title Section.

E. TITLE ONLY: Issued for the purposes of recording liens on existing title.


F.BOND POSTED UNDER SECTION 14-176 C.G.S.: Customer did not have necessary documents for proof of ownership and a surety bond was required to protect the State of Connecticut against any ownership claims.

G. GLIDER KIT: The vehicle was constructed from kit.


H.TRUE MILEAGE UNKNOWN: Mileage was not submitted at time title was applied for.  May also indicate some discrepancy in the odometer reading.


I.MANUFACTURERS BUYBACK: Vehicle was returned to manufacturer by previous owner.


J. FLOOD: Vehicle has sustained flood damage and has been declared a loss  by an insurance company.


K.ODOMETER EXCEEDS MECHANICAL LIMITS: The odometer reading reflects the amount of mileage in excess of its mechanical limits.  (The odometer started at zero again).


L.WARNING ODOMETER DISCREPANCY: The odometer does not reflect the actual mileage.





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