DMV: Registration
 Acceptable Forms of Identification Needed When Registering a Vehicle In Connecticut
  See updated clarification of the kinds of identification documents needed when going to the DMV to register a vehicle.
 Adding, Dropping or Changing a Name on a Registration and Title
 ATV Registration Requirements
 Bill of Sale
 Commercial Vehicles Temporary Plates
  Effective May 1, safety inspections are required within 10 days of receiving a temporary commercial plate.
 Corporation, Incorporated Business or Limited Liability Company
 Elimination of Registration Stickers
  Beginning August 1 vehicle owners in Connecticut can peel off that front window registration sticker as part of customer-service improvements the Department of Motor Vehicles is making in the vehicle registration system. Vehicle owners in Connecticut will be able to legally drive without stickers and people either renewing or applying for a new registration will only receive the official paper registration, which still must be carried in the vehicle at all times.
 Elimination of Registration Stickers FAQ’s
 Flashing Light Permits
 Flashing Light Permits - Emergency Vehicles
 Flashing Light Permits - Maintenance Vehicles
 Golf Carts
 In-Transit Registrations
 International Registration Plan (IRP)
 Investigation Unit
 Leased Vehicles
 Leased Vehicles-Buy Out
 Leased Vehicles-From Out of State
 Minors Registering a Vehicle
 Motorcycles and Motor-Driven Cycles-Important Information
 Obtaining a Duplicate Registraton
 Online Registration Help Page
 Pick-up Trucks with Passenger Plates
  A pick up truck can be registered with passenger plates if the gross vehicle weight rating does not exceed 8500 lbs. and the vehicle is not being used for commercial purposes. Combination fees will be charged in addition to other required fees for registration.
 Prisioner of War (POW) Registrations
 Registering a Vehicle in the Name of a Trust
 Registering a Vehicle Through the Mail
 Registration and Title Information
 Registration Document - FAQs
 Registration Document and Renewal Process
  Effective October 15, 2010, the registration document and registration renewal process for customers will change.
 Registration of a Used Vehicle Previously Registered Out Of State
 Registration Refund Requests by Mail
 Renewal Compliance Messages
 Renewals of Registrations
 Requesting a Copy of a Plate Receipt Through the Mail
 Requirements for New Vehicle Registrations
 Requirements for Obtaining a Temporary Registration
 Requirements for the Registration of a Camp Trailer
 Requirements to Register a Motorcycle
 Requirements to Replace Lost, Stolen, or Mutilated License Plates
 Requirements to Transfer Your Out of State Registered Vehicle
 Returning Connecticut License Plates and Cancelling a Registration
  Did you recently get a tax bill for a vehicle you no longer own? You may need to return your plates or cancel your registration. If so, read more...
 Selling Your Vehicle
 Thank you
 Transfer Vehicle from Name of Deceased Member of Immediate Family
 Transfer Vehicle from One Immediate Family Member to Another
 Transfer Your Plates
 Unified Carrier Registration (UCR) Program
 URC Q and A
 Volunteer Firefighter Registrations