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Message from the Office Of the Commissioner
February 18, 2004

{Commissioner Thomas A. Kirk, Jr., Ph.D.}
by Commissioner Thomas A. Kirk, Jr., Ph.D.

Turning “Heroin Town” into Recovery Town 

Spurred on by the Hartford Courant’s “Heroin Town” articles and the subsequent powerful response from the recovering community in Willimantic, the Connecticut Community for Addiction Recovery, Inc. (CCAR) has developed the Windham Recovery Community Center, the first in the state. Located at 1009 Main Street in Willimantic, CCAR’s Windham Chapter—led by Diane Potvin—will host an Open House at the Center on February 20 from 1– 6 p.m. Call 1-800-708-9145 or 860-423-7088 to RSVP and for more information. CCAR is an addiction recovery and advocacy organization supported by the federal Center for Substance Abuse Treatment and the Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services. 

The Center will provide a hope-filled nurturing environment where recovery thrives and all forms of recovery from alcohol and other drug addiction are welcomed.  The community, including the media, will now have a visible prominent location to access the recovery perspective.   It will be a place where the diverse recovery community can call its own.  The Center exists to help people sustain their recovery, improve their quality of life and become better resources to others in their community dealing with alcohol and other drug problems. There is also a special emphasis at the Recovery Center on supporting the needs of family members who are part of this recovery community initiative.   

What people in recovery have to say about their new Center?

“Most of us, at some point in our lives, need a second chance.  People in the recovery community not only got a second chance but they are extremely grateful for it. Working through the Recovery Center, people will be able to give back and help others find and sustain recovery.  It is truly a blessing that we will have this opportunity. For each person that we help find treatment and for each recovering addict that we help sustain recovery, we can claim victory.”         --Geri Langlois.   

"I'm real excited to have the Recovery Center here…it not only will show the still sick and suffering addict that recovery is possible but will help enhance the lives of those that are in recovery now.  I've already gotten trainings hosted by CCAR and learned things that I would never have taken the time to learn before… Also, it is very important to me that we reach the Hispanic community…what better place than right here...recovery spoken here....English or Spanish!"               --Victor “Carlos” Feliciano  

"The Recovery Community Center will create positive opportunities for recovering people to improve their lives.  This helps to give recovering people a great reason to get up each day.”
--John Potvin, business owner and lifelong resident of Windham 

"Having the Recovery Center will be a tremendous help to the community especially those that do not understand addiction and are battling for a child or a loved one in the middle of their disease or new to recovery.  No one should feel alone going through that…with the Windham Center, no one will have to be alone again because we now have a place to get information…and give support to others.  I took some training hosted by CCAR on facilitating meetings and I now facilitate the Family Support Group at this Center. Six months ago I never thought I would be facilitating this group… but I am and it has helped me so much with my recovery and the family disease of addiction...”            --Patricia Wojick 

"The Recovery Center is a structured healthy environment for those newly in recovery because there are people here that have years in recovery...they can see up close that recovery works!  Since I have been a CCAR member I have found many avenues to volunteer my recovery services, therefore I feel that the Recovery Center will give all recovering individuals the opportunities to enhance their life as I did.”   
--Alan Szumkowski, Initiative Driver, Eastern Region Service Center  

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