DMHAS: Nursing Home 60 West

60 West Nursing Home Project
60 West Street is a 95 bed nursing home located in Rocky Hill. The nursing home will serve individuals who meet the nursing home level of care, including individuals transitioning from an inpatient level of care at the Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services or from infirmaries at the Department of Correction.
The patients in this nursing home need long term care for a variety of reasons including: 
a) The patient has needs requiring 24-hour skilled nursing services and/or;     
b) All community options have been explored and the health and safety needs of the patient can only be met in a skilled nursing home setting;
c) The admission complies with federal and state PASRR criteria;
d) The patient meets the definition of medical necessity for nursing home level of care. 
Patients will have a range of serious and chronic medical impairments that may include dementia (like Alzheimerís), strokes, paralysis, and cancer. Some individuals may be dealing with conditions such as Parkinsonís, Huntingtonís or Multiple Sclerosis. Individuals may be confined to wheelchairs or require walkers, or other medical equipment for mobility or self-care.
The State Departments of Mental Health and Addiction Services (DMHAS), Correction (DOC), and Social Services (DSS) collaborated in developing and issuing the request for proposals (RFP) to operate a nursing home that would specialize in providing services to these patients. 60 West is owned and operated by a private nursing home vendor. 60 West opened in February 2013.

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