DMHAS: Emergency & Referral

Southeastern Mental Health Authority
Emergency Help and Referral Process

Emergency Help

24-Hour Crisis Line:   (860) 886-9302

Share Line (M-F, 12 Noon to 4:00 PM) (860) 885-7274

Toll Free:  1-866-964-8123 

Referral Process

Intake referrals come from individuals, families, other agencies, community providers, inpatient facilities, and other community sources.   A member of SMHA’s Mobile Outreach Team (MOT) takes initial calls and screens to see if the referral source is requesting DMHAS services.  A staff member of MOT is then assigned responsibility for contacting the person who made the referral, gathering additional information, arranging for a face-to-face interview with the person being referred, discovering what the person is looking for, and documenting the interview.  The staff member completes the Intake Assessment which is then reviewed at the Central Intake Meeting (CIM), and the person is referred to the appropriate program within SMHA or the Network of providers.  The provider will contact the person shortly thereafter to set up an initial appointment.  The Intake Screener at SMHA can be reached at (860) 859-4560.


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