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  Prevention & Health Promotion Unit
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DMHAS' prevention system is designed to promote the overall health and wellness of individuals and communities by preventing or delaying substance use.  Prevention services are comprised of six key strategies including information dissemination, education, alternative activities, strengthening communities, promoting positive values, and problem identification and referral to services.


Prevention Staff


Carol P. Meredith, MPA, CPP-R, Director  (860) 418-6826

Jane Delaney, Administrative Assistant  (860) 418-6641 

Tobacco Prevention & Enforcement Program:

Gregory Carver, Acting Program Coordinator/Supervising Special Investigator (860) 418-6702

Bryan Champagne, MS, Special Investigator, (860) 418-6781

Michael Harnois, BA, Special Investigator (860) 418-6871

Holly White, MS, Special Investigator, (860) 418-6837

Community-Based Prevention Initiatives:

Robin Cox, BS, Prevention Services Coordinator (860) 418-6955

Andrea Iger Duarte, LCSW, MPH, Behavioral Health Program Manager (860) 418-6801

Dawn Grodzki, BS, Behavioral Health Program Manager (860) 418-6772 

Cynthia Randolph, LCSW, Behavioral Health Program Manager, (860) 418-6805

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