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Sub-Acute and Partial Hospitalization Programs

The fifth floor of the Connecticut Mental Health Center houses two inter-related programs that share both staff and programming, and have overlapping patient populations. These are the Sub-Acute and Partial Hospital Programs, as described below.

1. Sub-Acute Program: is a 10 bed unit located on the fifth floor that provides a "step down" level of care to CMHC patients upon their discharge from either the CMHC Acute Inpatient Unit or an outlying inpatient psychiatric unit. Although lengths of stay may vary, the unit is designed to provide a generally 1-2 week adjunctive treatment placement for patients who would benefit from either a more gradual transition to the community or an opportunity to secure access to stable housing or residential placement. However, patients admitted to the Sub-Acute Program must be voluntarily engaged in treatment and capable of functioning on an unlocked service with minimal staff supervision. Consequently, patients deemed to be at imminent risk for self-mutilation, suicide, assaultive behavior, and/or elopement are not eligible for placement in this Program.

In general, patients admitted to the Sub-Acute Program will attend the CMHC Partial Hospitalization Program, while maintaining their primary treatment affiliation with their outpatient provider. However, if a patient's overall plan of care involves participation in another vocational, social, rehabilitative, or partial hospitalization program, the patient's linkage with that treatment placement may be collaboratively maintained. Similarly, if a patient's ambulatory or outpatient provider is not aligned with the CMHC, this treatment linkage may be maintained, but the outpatient provider must commit to on-going collaboration with the Sub-Acute staff to ensure continuity of care.

Of further note, given the fact that the Sub-Acute Program is aligned principally with the CMHC Partial Hospitalization Program, the Sub-Acute Program also provides back-up beds to the PHP. Hence, in the event that a PHP patient's care needs cannot be safely met with maximized community supports, a 1-3 night length of stay in the Sub-Acute Program may be provided to the patient to offer additional structure, support, and/or crisis intervention.

2. Partial Hospitalization Program: is a treatment program that provides evaluation, crisis intervention, symptom stabilization, intensive case management, and rehabilitative services to a maximum of 22 uninsured or under-insured patients residing in Catchment Areas 6 and 7. Utilizing a multidisciplinary approach, under the direct supervision of an attending psychiatrist, individualized plans of care are developed for each patient in close collaboration with their ambulatory care providers to ensure continuity in their care experience. Although each patient's length of stay is determined by his or her own care requirements and may vary as a result, the program generally offers a 3-4 week length of stay. Within the overall program, patients are placed in either a mental health or dual diagnosis treatment track depending on the presence/absence of a substance use disorder.

Referrals to the Partial Hospitalization Program are processed through the Care Management Admissions Office, with the CMHC Ambulatory Services Department and the Acute Inpatient Unit serving as the primary referral sites. The PHP offers a comprehensive group treatment program, in addition to individual and family therapy, with a principal goal of maximizing each patient's symptom recognition and management skills, while broadening their community based support systems. At present, the Partial Hospitalization Program provides services Monday through Friday from 8:45 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Patients who require after hour support services may utilize both the CMHC walk- in Triage Service and the CMHC telephone back-up service on an as needed basis.

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