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Acute Inpatient Unit

The Acute Inpatient Unit is a 26 bed locked service located on the fourth floor of the Connecticut Mental Health Center that serves as an integral part of the facility's crisis, ambulatory, and community based care system. Utilizing a multidisciplinary team approach, under the direct supervision of an attending psychiatrist, the unit provides comprehensive assessment, crisis intervention, symptom stabilization, and discharge planning to uninsured or under insured residents of Catchment Areas 5, 6, 7, and 8. In addition, as daily operating needs and bed availability permits, two of the existing 26 beds may be flexed to provide Level 4.2 medically managed detoxification from alcohol and/or opiates for patients enrolled in outpatient treatment within the CMHC service system. Although each patient's length of stay is determined by their own care requirements and, as a result, may vary from one day to several months, the unit's mean length of stay currently is 6 days.

Upon admission, each patient is assigned to a primary therapist and a treatment team comprised of an attending psychiatrist, RN care coordinator, licensed clinical social worker, rehabilitation or occupational therapist, resident physicians, a social services discharge planning specialist, and trainees of various disciplines. In addition, clinicians from the nursing staff, including RNs and paraprofessional mental health assistants, are assigned to each patient and attend the daily team rounds on a rotational basis. A substance abuse rehabilitation counselor provides cross team consultation and attends rounds on an as needed basis.

Within the context of the multidisciplinary team discussions, individualized, outcome-oriented plans of care are developed, optimally in direct collaboration with the patient and his or her ambulatory care providers. The involvement of the patient's family and/or significant others is also solicited, in accordance with the patient's needs and wishes, to ensure that a comprehensive and pragmatic plan is established.

Based on the patient's clinical care needs, assets, and for hospitalization, a problem list is generated and patient specific treatment' are defined and evaluated on an ongoing basis to guide the patient's care throughout the course of the hospitalization. Individual, group, family, occupational, recreational, and milieu therapy; pharmaco-therapy; medical treatment; and disposition planning, including assistance with housing, finances, social and vocational rehabilitation, and follow-up psychiatric and medical care, are provided to assist the patient in returning to the community in a safe and expeditious fashion. Pastoral counseling also is available by request. Responsibility for coordinating and effecting the patient's overall plan of care rests with the primary therapist.

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