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Human Resource Division
Career Development and In-Service Training

Ramona Sablon, 860-297-0905 (Monday thru Thursday), 860-418-6881 (Friday),

Maria DeJesus, (860) 418-6938,

DMHAS is committed to a variety of different Workforce Development Initiatives, all of which enhance our workforce within the Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services as they:

  • Provide and enhance the continued development of a competent workforce in order to foster and further promote the integrated programs and services that benefit the people we work with.

  • Enhance the continued integration and development of our DMHAS Workforce through practical and effective approaches coupled with a staff development focus.

  • Promote strategies that encourage continuous learning and the enhancement of the specific workplace skills / job competencies that are necessary to attract and retain well-qualified and highly skilled employees.

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