DMHAS: Do I Need Help?

{Problem Gambling Services}  

Finding Help

Do I Need Help? : Helpful Questions for Self-evaluation

  • Do you gamble when you are feeling lonely, depressed, angry, or under stress?
  • Do you gamble as a way of coping with loss or grief?
  • Do you have trouble setting and staying within limits on time and money spent gambling?
  • Do you spend money on gambling that you need for essential expenses (rent/mortgage, utilities, etc.)?
  • Do people close to you criticize or complain about your gambling?
  • Do you gamble to the exclusion of other recreational or social activities?
  • Do you borrow money to gamble or to cover expenses due to gambling losses?
  • Do you gamble at times when you should be taking care of responsibilities such as work, family, or school?
  • Do you return to gambling to try to win back money you have lost?
  • Do you find yourself thinking more and more about gambling or getting money for gambling?


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