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Social Rehab/Social Clubs/Learning & Wellness Centers

{Group of people laughing} Social Rehab/Social Clubs/Centers/Learning & Wellness Centers are integral to the DMHAS goal of offering a recovery-oriented system of care for persons in recovery who experience behavioral health conditions.  The Social Rehab/Social Clubs/Learning & Wellness Centers promote recovery, full citizenship, and improved quality of life for persons who have been diagnosed with any mental health condition that seriously impairs their ability to lead meaningful lives.  Social Rehab services are collaborative, person directed and individualized.  Services offered by DMHAS Social Rehab Clubs/Learning Centers are geared toward helping individuals cultivate the necessary skills for success in the living, working, learning and social environments of their choice.

Currently, DMHAS funds 24 Social Rehabilitation Clubs/Centers/Learning Centers. They offer a vast array of services and activities (not all services/activities are available at all clubhouses).  Here are a few examples of the opportunities available:  Friends and family events, group activities (men’s, women’s, recreation, relaxation, arts & crafts, sports, health & fitness such as In Shape, Yoga, Zumba, nutrition, dancing, meditation, grief & change, and smoking cessation).  Many Social Rehab Clubs offer trips to fairs, farmers’ markets, museums, movies and sporting events as well as advocacy training, connections to community resources, WHAM, and WRAP.  Other opportunities might include skill building/training, culinary skills/cooking, customer service skills, computer skills, GED, job readiness training, and Intro to Employment.

All DMHAS funded Social Rehabilitation providers offer counseling supports, case management, and crisis assistance.

This Quarter’s Featured Program:
Mental Health Connecticut’s (MHC) Independence Center or “IC,” as it’s known, in Waterbury offers an environment for individuals to move confidently in the next step of their recovery. That could mean building new friendships, learning new skills, reentering the workforce, going back to school, or whatever someone needs to gain the knowledge, skills, and confidence to achieve their goals and engage in the community.

For many, an essential stepping stone is the Mending Art program. Made possible by Connecticut Community Foundation, Mending Art began as a casual meet up of 3-4 program participants a few years ago and now has over 120 artists.

Coordinator Amy Smith, an accomplished artist in her own right, is the trusted guide for IC members who may feel nervous at first but soon find themselves sketching or painting. The Studio at the IC is always open and there are many artists who actively engage other IC members to give it a try.

Many of the artists are confidently showing their work in the community and joining Amy for trips to other MHC programs to introduce them to art. Last year over 60 artists showed their work in the community and six artists held solo shows. The IC has formed partnerships with libraries, the Mattatuck Museum, the Boys and Girls Club, senior centers, galleries, coffee shops, and more.

Says Smith, “When an artist puts a body of their work together they are doing more than sharing their stories, they are sharing themselves. The art is the vehicle to the story that they might not have felt safe enough to share otherwise. There is so much isolation in our field but it appears through art our members want their stories to be seen, heard, and felt by the larger community. They want to be known and they are proud and willing to be known through their art.”

In the artists’ words:

“The painting helps me let go. It brings out the inner beauty in me and I see the beauty of others when I look at their art.” (Jeannette S.)

“Art helps me acknowledge that I am somebody.” (David G.)

“Drawing has helped me through some of the darkest and happiest times of my life…” (Jennifer F.)

You can meet the artists! IC artists will once again show their work in the annual “Mending Art Exhibit” at Artspace Hartford Gallery from October 5-26, 2018. The opening reception is Thursday, October 18th from 2-6pm:

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Linda M. Guillorn, Program Manager

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