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Statewide Problem Gambling Service Locations
"Bettor Choice" Treatment Network (pdf)
Regional Map - "Bettor Choice" Treatment Network (pdf)

Problem Gambling Services
CT Valley Hospital, Vance Drive, Russell Hall, 1st Floor
Middletown, CT 06457 (860) 344-2244 

Mission Statement
To provide a comprehensive network of consumer-oriented problem gambling
recovery services for people of Connecticut and to foster an environment throughout
the State that promotes informed choices around gambling behavior.

Bettor Choice: Stories of Help, Hope and Recovery
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Problem Gambling Awareness
 Teens and Gambling
Gambling & Older Adults
Gambling & the Criminal Justice System
 Gambling Expansion
College Gambling
Gambling and Primary Care


If you are DMHAS state employee or work at a DMHAS-funded agency, you can take this training on the DMHAS Learning Management System (LMS) (

Receive social work or psychologist CEUs.

DMHAS Workforce Development Trainings

  • Introduction to Integrating Gambling and Problem Gambling into Substance Use and Mental Health
  • Working with People Presenting Gambling Problems and Financial Issues in Behavioral Health Settings
  • Family Therapy with Problem Gamblers and their Family Members: The First Steps to Recovery 

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