DMHAS Electronic Health Record (EHR) Project

DMHAS has implemented a complete Electronic Health Record (EHR) to replace the paper charts and electronic documentation tools used in both Inpatient and Outpatient Facilities. EHRs and the ability to exchange information electronically help provide higher quality and safer care by providing up-to-date, legible and more complete information.  The EHR will help us provide quicker access to patient records, securely sharing electronic information with other clinicians; and providing a more efficient way to prescribe medication to internal and external pharmacies. The State has contracted with FEi Systems to host and provide the use of the WITS (Web Infrastructure for Treatment Systems) application.  The WITS application is currently used by 25 other States.
Each DMHAS facility has an implementation team that will work closely with the OOC implementation team so facility needs can be identified and met throughout the design process. The project team meets regularly with facility staff for feedback and assistance in defining business needs and system configuration. Facilities are also actively engaged in reviewing current hardware (computers, printers, workstations, etc.) to identify needs for changes, expansion, new resources, etc.
FEi Systems Inc. will provide on-site training to designated facility representatives for a “train the trainer” approach so that those representatives may then provide training and support for the staff at their facilities. Comprehensive training guides as well as self-paced training will be made available to all staff. Self-paced online training will be made available, including simulation based training based on specific functions.
The EHR implementation follows a multi-year phased approach to allow facilities to implement changes.
  • Phase 1: Current system replacement (Admission, Discharge, Transfer, Service Entry).
  • Phase 2: Recovery Plan (Treatment Plan), Progress Notes, E&M Notes, Assessments and Discharge Summaries.
  • Phase 3: Remaining EHR Components including: Physician Order Entry & Pharmacy. 
Office of the Commissioner Implementation Team
TBD – EHR Project Leader
Natasha Kennedy – EHR Clinical Manager
Barbara Bugella, Mark Thomas, Dominic Falcone, Bonnie Reynolds, Anne Marie Fitzpatrick, Wendy Filipowski, Lisa LeBlond, Jeff Brooks
DMHAS Facility Implementation Leaders
Capitol Regional Mental Health Center – Sue Niemitz
Connecticut Mental Health Center - Paul Moore, Gretchen Mrozinski
Connecticut Valley Hospital - John D’Eramo
Southeast Mental Health Authority - Tracey Hauser
Southwest Mental Health Authority - Paula Zwally, Bernetta Witcher-Boateng, Diane Sheehan
River Valley Service – Jessica Waggoner
Western Community Mental Health Network - Rose Fogelman

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