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Information Technology

Mark Thomas, Director, (860) 418-6728

Welcome to Information Technology at DMHAS.  The mission is to fully support the delivery of quality services to DMHAS clients by providing all DMHAS employees with the most effective computer support (tools) available.  IT encompasses four distinct and interrelated areas: Technical Platform, Application Administration & Operation, Database Administration & Reporting and Training.

Functional Duties and Responsibilities:

Strategic and tactical plans are developed by IT to meet the clinical and business operational requirements of DMHAS. The definition of the requirements starts with the office of the Department of Mental Health and Addiction Service’s Commissioner to fulfill State Legislative mandates. These needs are defined as present operational requirements and future behavioral health care system requirements, as directed by the commissioner, to meet the needs of the citizens of Connecticut.

To support the planning process IT creates and maintains the DMHAS business function model. The model describes the Functional Areas for which DMHAS is responsible. Currently the model at the highest level describes the following areas:

  • State Authority- Behavioral Health Care Policy, Organization and Procedures
  • Administrative Services- Support Services (Fiscal, Human Resources, Client Service, IT)
  • Provider- Direct Care – State Operated Facilities
  • Payor- Purchased Services Contracting – Local Mental Health Authority
  • Client Case/Care Manager- Public and Private Provider Care Coordination

IT designs and designates information systems including subject area Databases / Data Warehouse to support each clinical and business process within the Functional Areas.

IT Help Desk:

The goal of the Help Desk is to make computing services offered by DMHAS as easy as possible for the customer.  The Help Desk provides a single point of contact for questions about all offered services, both software and hardware,  helping customers resolve problems quickly, log all problem calls, and maintain total accountability for the service event until problems are completely resolved.

What are the hours of operation?
Phone coverage is provided Monday through Friday, 7:30am. to 4:00pm.  

What about evenings and weekends?
During evenings and weekends a caller can leave a message and a Help Desk representative will return your call the next business day.  If, however, the call is urgent in nature, please call 860-262-5000 and have the on-call technical support person paged. 

How to contact the IT Help Desk?
Phone: (860) 262-5058
Fax: (860) 262-5748   

We are continually seeking suggestions on how to improve service to our customers.  Please send any suggestions to: Angel Aponte, Email:

Infrastructure and System Administration Unit:

The Infrastructure and System Administration Unit is responsible for the hardware and operating systems that the DMHAS Core business systems run on.

Supported applications include: AVATAR, Affirmative Action, Boss, CJIS, Data Warehouse, Data Performance System (DDaP), General Assistance, Law Enforcement Administration System, Learning Management System, Reporting Services, RMS, SQL Reporting Services, and Tobacco Compliance

  • Linux and Windows
  • Active Directory Administration
  • Secure Network Access & Mobile computing; including VPN support and Tumbleweed
  • Enterprise platforms, IT Project Implementation, Configuration, and Application Delivery (Citrix)
  • HIPAA/IT Security administration
  • Smartphone, Telephone, voice-mail, and PBX  
  • Data center management, disaster recovery services and storage services (EMC)
  • Health Information Technology (HIT), Electronic Health Records (EHR) 
  • Web services and E-government

This group is responsible for Local Area Network (LAN) & Wide Area Network (WAN) infrastructure.  File servers, web servers, printers, routers, and PC/laptop devices.


Database Administration & Reports Group:

The DMHAS Database Administration and Reports Group maintains the databases for the applications supporting DMHAS’ functions as well as generating reports about the data in those databases. The major applications that relate to our provider, payor, and financial functions use database products that include Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, and Sybase. There are also many smaller applications and data collection processes that use other products such as Microsoft Access and Microsoft Excel.

The major reporting tools that DMHAS uses include SAS (Statistical Analysis System), the reporting functions of Oracle, and Crystal Reports. We have developed a menuing system, The Report Architecture, on our UNIX server that provides menu selections and submission of parameters, such as dates, agencies and sort parameters to generate more customized reports.

Reports have been generated from data from the Payor System (DPAS) and the Provider system (BHIS). Please see the Applications section for descriptions of these and other applications supported by DMHAS.

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