DMHAS: Fiscal Administrative Services


Stephen Di Pietro, Chief of Fiscal Administrative Services, 860-418-6926


Contact Person: Stephen A. DiPietro, 860-418-6926

This function encompasses all of the budgeting for the Office of the Commissioner as well as oversight and integration of budgets for DMHAS-operated facilities. Functions include: development of the annual spending plan for appropriated resources; development of the current services resource request; production of monthly reports describing and analyzing the department’s financial position; financial analysis of options for increases or decreases to the department’s budget; development of the annual request for capital equipment funding; financial control (by way of the allotment process); development of fiscal impact statements for proposed legislation and regulations; and various reports and analyses requested by internal and external customers.

Accounting & Federal Grants Unit

This function includes accounting for expenditures against state, federal, and private funds; accessing federal grant funds and funding via interagency transfer; reporting expenditures against federal grants (e.g., Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Block Grant); development of the financial portions of various federal grant applications and allocation plans; and various reports and analyses requested by internal and external customers.

Healthcare Finance Unit

Contact Person: Cheryl Arora, 860-418-6937

This function coordinates the Department’s rate-setting and claims analysis (e.g., General Assistance Behavioral Health Program) functions, and provides financial analysis and reporting requested by internal and external customers.

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Purchase Service Unit (PSU)

Contact Person: Suzanne Cooney, 860-418-6861

The Purchased Service Unit (PSU) of the DMHAS Administration and Finance Division is responsible for the development of the Mental Health and Addiction Services spending plans; the development of the funding application and the Human Service Contract, including drafting and coordinating the review of contract language internal and external to DMHAS; the processing of funding applications and contracts (Human Service and General Assistance contracts) for DMHAS providers each fiscal year; the review of the private-non-profit provider audits; the bond fund process for private-non-profit providers for capital improvement; as well as various fiscal projects throughout the year. The unit is organized into three functional areas: contracts (includes bond funds), fiscal, and audits. To carry out the above mentioned tasks, the Purchased Service Unit employees 16 staff. The Contract Sub-unit has 5 Fiscal Contract Monitors (one for each DMHAS region); the Fiscal Sub-unit employs 4 staff; and the Audit Sub-unit has one staff person. The 4 support staff assist the Director and the Assistant Director of PSU with day-to-day operations and various projects, including the funding application/contract process.

The Contract Sub-unit is responsible for: the generation of the funding applications and contracts for the DMHAS providers (including training sessions state-wide); the review of the funding applications and contracts (in collaboration with the Division of Community Services and Hospitals), including any revisions; and the routing of the approved contract document for signatures to complete a fully executed contract. As this process is completed, the contract cycle continues which includes the review of quarterly reports during the fiscal year, and any budget revisions submitted to DMHAS by a provider.

In addition to the development of the spending plans, the Fiscal Sub-unit is responsible for the allotment and distribution of community grant accounts to the State-Operated LMHA’s that oversee the mental health funding in their respective areas, and for the development and processing of the payment invoices used to process timely monthly payments for all Human Service Contracts. Monitoring of the Fee-for-Service invoices, accounts, and fiscal analyses as needed are also functions of this sub-unit.

The Bond Fund Program is located within the Centralized Contract Unit. For additional information or questions, please contact Megan Sopelak at (860) 418-6838 / or Amy Lopez at (860) 418-6927 /

The Audit Sub-unit is responsible for the review of the private-non-profit provider audits. This includes desk reviews of audits as well as conducting on-site fiscal reviews as needed.

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Engineering Unit

Contact Person: Steven Hecimovich, 860-262-5300

The Engineering Services Section of the Office of the Commissioner accomplishes its responsibilities with seven Office of the Commissioner employees. The Chief of Engineering Services II and six others function to deliver services to the executive management of the Office of the Commissioner as well as the DMHAS facilities throughout the state.

The Engineering Services Section of the Office of the Commissioner is responsible for:

  • Project design and review

  • Project funding and management

  • Capital planning

  • Compliance liaison OSHA JCAHO support , State Fire Marshal, etc.

  • Community Support

  • Leasing

  • Facility support (codes, inspection, preparation)

  • Special projects

Engineering services has three major customers. Foremost is the roll of support and technical assistance as well as oversight of some functions for the executive management of the Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services. Second is to provide support in the areas of the above-mentioned responsibilities for the state-owned facilities including technical assistance code review and assistance as needed. Third is the assistance to the community support programs which include grant proposal review, site inspections and code support.

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Business Operations Unit

Contact Person: Evette Hecht, 860-262-6748
This function supports the operation of the Office of the Commissioner, including the accounts payable, purchasing, inventory, travel/tuition reimbursement, petty cash, stores, mailroom, and building management activities

Accounts Payable:
This support function is responsible for ensuring accurate and timely processing of invoices in accordance with all applicable statutes, signed Memorandum of Understanding for Paperless Processing, and the requirements mandated by the State Accounting Manual. These payments are made to outside vendors, other state agencies, contractors, and private non-profit providers.

Accounts payable staff must certify that all accounts payable transactions are authorized by the operation of established control techniques such as an approved/valid requisition, a properly executed purchase order/contract, a receipt document, and an original vendor invoice. Upon receipt of goods/services, employees should immediately forward signed and dated receipt documents to the accounts payable unit.

This function is responsible for obtaining commodity goods and services in support of employees, clients, program and infrastructure operations. Procurement includes the purchase, lease or contract for all supplies, materials, equipment and contractual services required by the Office of the Commissioner.

Agency purchasing authority is granted by the Commissioner, State of Connecticut Department of Administrative Services. The Purchasing Unit conducts purchasing under the policies and procedures promulgated by the DAS Bureau of Purchases.

Required Forms:
Purchase Requisition Form (3-part pre-numbered)
Corporate Express Order Form

Copies of these forms are available in the Business Operations Unit.

Inventory is the establishment and maintenance of a Property Control Record. Business Operations Unit staff strive to maintain accurate and complete inventory records for all real property and state controllable property to establish accountability and to safeguard the state’s investment.

State agencies must have policies and procedures in place to ensure that all assets currently owned or leased by an agency will be properly recorded. These procedures are prescribed by the Office of the Comptroller Property Control Manual. All employees share the responsibility to maintain an accurate inventory.

Required Forms:
DMHAS/OOC Inventory Add, Move and Surplus Forms

Travel/Tuition Reimbursement:
Employees may receive reimbursement of expenses incurred for State-related business travel and for college tuition. In order to qualify for reimbursement, employees must follow agency procedures for travel/tuition authorization and reimbursement.

Required Forms:
CO-112 Travel Authorization Request
CO-17XP Employee Reimbursement
CO-17XPPR Employee Reimbursement-Payroll

The CO-112 Travel Authorization Request form should be completed and submitted to the Business Office at least three weeks prior to the date of travel.

Petty Cash:
The Business Operations Unit maintains a Petty Cash account to process travel advances and emergency orders of less that fifty dollars.

Commonly requested office supplies are warehoused within the Business Operations Unit storeroom. Employees may order these supplies by filling out a Requisition on Stores (STO-104) form and submitting it to the Purchasing Department. Orders are filled on a regular basis.

This function coordinates and expedites mail handling for OOC employees. This includes hand carries of urgent, priority mail, as needed.

Building Management:
The Business Operations Unit coordinates building related issues with Servus Management Corporation. This includes processing employee work requests and resolving space allocation issues.

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